TUXmantra is an IT Infrastructure Solution provider. Gateway Solution, Email Solution, File Management Servers, Internet Connectivity Solutions, Customized Software Applications(LAMP), are some of the offerings of TUXmantra. The solutions are typically designed around the Open Source Softwares to help reduce cost and overhead of Software License Management to the customers without compromising on the Quality.

The company is backed with a strong and a hands-on experienced team having more than five man-decade of experience in the domain. It is equipped with the latest technology, processes and tools which are the key factors in providing quality solutions to the customers.

TUXmantra specializes in providing the solutions that is not just a solution but is best suitable method to meet the needs of the customers and is a continuous subscriber of latest information. We believe that our Customers go with TUXmantra for the below said reasons

  • We enable Customers to concentrate on their Core Business
  • Our Solutions are Cost Effective
  • We are reachable
  • We have High Up-time Rate
  • Our Solutions are applicable and are based on Customers Environment and Needs
  • Our Solutions are based on Open Source Technologies
  • No license related hassles
  • Experienced Technical Support Team
  • Our services are highly customizable
  • Supports services upgrade as and when requirement arises